Venti – Page 6

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Author's note

"Hi there, good people reading Divinity. This is Nic here speaking for a change. It's been a while since Kevin asked me to write a commentary for one of our updates, but I rarely have the time to; however, since this particular page (as some other ones) is a little late, I thought I'd take the chance to let you all know why it is that sometimes Divinity gets delayed on my side of things. Making a period comic, there's a lot of reasearch that needs to be done in order to get things right. I love the 1920s and I am thankful that Kevin gave me the opportunity to tackle such an endeavor. But being a professional, I always try and make my best on all projects I'm involved in and if I didn't research for Divinity, it would've been a true shame. Taking this page in particular, I've researched the bed posts, the furniture, the clothing and even the style of the lamp used in that time as well as the room decorations. I love being accurate, but accuracy needs sometimes an extra bit of time, that with a hectic schedule, can bring delays. I hope you can forgive me and that the artwork is worth the wait. I think next week, with the adjusted Tuesday/Friday update schedule, we'll be right on time. And as usual, tune in this Friday to see what happens with Robert after that fateful drop of blood falls on the mysterious and powerful Tear of Yggdrassil gem." Nic.-