Venti – Page 5

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Author's note

And with this page we have the ominous return of the blinding sun in Divinity , Lisette soleil. Also on this page we have Alphonse , the ever loyal caretaker. One of the things we try to go for with Divinity is to stay true to the current time period in which the story is played out. This means staying in tune with the fashion of the characters as well. Lisette will go through a number of outfits which means an equally great challenge for Nic to come up with great designs and I'm always amazed by the results. ~~Kevin Rojas Veliz~~
  • Rotjoeg

    jep indeed its very nice done!!!

  • Rob O Scope

    Love the colors on this page

  • Nerys

    Hey, I’m enjoying the comic and I wanted to ask you to check the archive. I’m seeing these pages showing up in the prologue, I don’t know if you’d want to change that.

    • Kevin Rojas Veliz

      Glad you’re enjoying the comic and thnx for the heads up :) it has been fixed.