Vartijat – Page 9


Author's note

Enter Maunu our other part of the duo. Maunu's design is a bit of a surprise to me but a pleasant one at that. At times I like to see what the artist comes up with a limited description of a character. Once you have a decent foundation of the world , and some basic pillars of the character , it is always interesting to see the results of this freedom.
  • Gobbo

    I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of Nicolas art style. I even bought a few of his original prints and commissioned some work from him.

    • Kevin Rojas Veliz

      Which originals from Divinity did you buy :) I’m curious which one you liked the best so far :)

      • Gobbo

        I got the 3 Chapter opening pages and a couple of the “concept” art drawings of Lisette Soleil and Robert Maddock.