Vartijat – Page 6


Author's note

Leave it to Nic to make a great first impression of a character . Terhi was a character that had gone through several changes before I actually sent the bio to Nic. This final rendition of Nic though is simply bad ass. The vartijat uniform is an hommage to the very flashy uniforms of the era but also to another character :). I left the liberty for nic to add something on the advertisment panels and was curious what he would choose , needless to say I was quite surprised :).
  • Gillsing

    That really is a great looking uniform. And the sword hilt too!

  • Gobbo

    Ok, i REALLY love this setting! have been a huge fan of Nicolas’s wok for some time, but have to say this is his best work and I am really impressed with Kevin’s writing as well! I love it so much, I am going to use it as a setting for an upcomming FATE Accelerated game I am running…

  • Sturzkampf

    Moloch doing Hunstanton Pier? A long way from the top of the bill in New York, but I guess 1922 would be the very start of his career.