Vartijat – Page 2


Author's note

Aaah finally some more talking pages. I still think I hit the right spot with the amount of text with some of the later chapters. Often I see comics that have these TITANIC block of text that make reading them less pleasurable even though they could have some great story. In most cases you have to really let images do the talking , luckily I think Nic does some great dialogue pages ( they never seem to bore me).It makes reading the dialogue and more of the texty pages of Free Mars ( a joy and not a chore ;). ~~ Kevin Rojas Veliz~~
  • Gillsing

    Yeah, this comic sure looks nice. And gathering 25 of anything seems doable. It’s not like the amount of pokémons or anything. 😉

    And in case typos is a thing you’d want to fix, I think that “wether” should be “whether” (in the last panel).

    • Kevin Rojas Veliz

      completely missed that! thanks :) Hope you enjoy the rest !