Vartijat – Page 12


Author's note

I apologize yet again for the delay in pages :). Something went wrong in the planning and I had to redesign the next couple of pages . Even though I dislike this post-production work when I am quite content with the page , in this case , I must say that the couple of next pages are even better than the orginal planned ones. If you would like I could post those written pages when Vartijat is done :) . To show how at times pages can change due to circumstances. I think Nic has learned quite a deal in how he can show violence effectively in panels , because I do and will ask for some gruesome bits in Divinity. This is not merely for shock value but I think violence is ugly , brutal and without regards to personal aesthetics , and I won't hesitate to show how brutal injuries can be :) At times it can be quite hard to show a lot without it being overly gratuitous and over the top. I think so far we have maintained a good balance :). ~~ Kevin Rojas Veliz~~
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  • Gillsing

    The level of violence sure shows what these tearhunters are willing to do to get what they want. Always good to know.