Umbra – Page 2


Author's note

"Salutations once again, Tear Hunters! It's Nic here apologising (as usual) for the delay in this update and last week's lack of it. I've had some nasty intruders in my home for some unwanted repairs, so things have been... hectic. To say the least. That said, things are getting back to normal so we can expect no more bumps in the way of our heroes and their quest. This is a good, nice, dialogue-driven page, which are always the most fun to illustrate. Contrary to popular belief (and what some artists might say), quiet scenes are amazing; they let you explore the subtleties of expressions and the nuances of the characters' gestures. They also let me draw places and settings, which are always full of details that are excellent to explore, especially on this period story. I hope you enjoy this one, and see you next week without delay!" Nic.-