The 27th – Page 9

Author's note

"Happy Friday, tear-hunters! Nic here, delivering a bit of an explanation to the recent scheduling issues and the abscence of an update last week. Divinity is, as I've said so many times before, one of my dream projects. I always wanted to dabble into the 1920s and doing so with a Fantasy setting that has all the thrills and awesome characters Kevin's writing is a pleasure. That said, even with all the love I have for the tale, I can't help it conflict with other pressing deadlines and too many projects to name; I'm a lucky artist and I have a lot of stories to get to, so sometimes the tale of the tear-hunters suffers a bit. But it suffers not because I overlook it, but because I am so passionate about getting every detail right, every reference and every subtle atmospheric hue that I just can't rush it to meet the updates. And I sincerely hope you forgive me! To make up for last week's missed update, this week I'm working extra hard to bring you something else that will catch your attention. On top of this week's page, I've finished detailed illustrations of the tears that have so far been uncovered, which Kevin will duly complete with an explanation of how each works and what powers they give their bearer. So that's exciting! I've some other cool bits in the pipeline, so be on the lookout. Finally, I want to give everyone a heads-up that Divinity will occupy the place of honor as far as weekly work goes in my schedule and release a new page every Friday. I'll have the whole week to make each Chapter shine. So, my apologies again and I hope to make up for it with all that's to come! Nic.-"
  • Gillsing

    I never had any doubt in your ability or intentions. I can certainly understand how an artist such as yourself could end up with too much work to get everything done on time.

    And I am no stranger to the concept of having too much to do. Why, it’s a good thing I don’t have to explain to the webcomics I read why I don’t have time to check for new updates on time.

    Thanks for a great comic, both of you! :-)