The 27th – Page 8


Author's note

"I really enjoy working on the dialogue for villains... especially ones with an education. They are always so interesting and usually so stuck on themselves, which makes for a fun challenge in getting their dialogue just right. The 27th offers an interesting glimpse into the villains. Nicolas is doing some awesome work on these pages too. I love his color palette; it just fits Kevin's story so well." ~~ Chuck Amadori~~
  • KKylimos

    I have to say that im enjoying this comic tremendously. Even though the concept of artifacts that bestow powers to the owner is common for me , still ,this particular comic manages to make the whole affair quite fresh and interesting. The characters are captivating and they seem to have depth , something unusual these days. I especially liked the fact that the main hero is not a silly fish that will need half the story to realise whats going on. And ofcourse , NRG is doing a spectacular work. I have been following his art for ages , he is a master. He was a good choice , his style blends perfectly with the mood and atmosphere of the story. I look forward for more and i wish you guys an eventual sucesful publishment!