The 27th – Page 13


Author's note

And another done :). There at times scenes where I will put dialogue in the orginal language of the character , especially scenes where multiple languages are used. Let's not forget that Lisette and Alphonse would be speaking French to eachother , not English. Usually these sentences are not always of paramount importance to understand but if you readers truly cannot find the meaning and NEED to understand it , I will be putting the meaning in this box or the comments :). Normally we would be doing a break between chapters but we have something extra for you next week. One of my worries with Divinity has been pacing. This comic was intended to have a complete release which would make reading easier and improve the flow of the story. I hope the pacing is not such an issue for you readers as i'm sure you are quite excited to see new art from Nic ( me too ! and to see the story unfold itself. Enjoy ~~Kevin Rojas Veliz~~