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Author's note From Nic's DA , a word to all whi enjoy divinity :). ''Many of you have asked me whatever happened to the webcomic Divinity; sadly, the same thing that happens to many projects that are born out of love: they get stalled by lack of means to carry them through. Between my busy schedule as a freelancer and writer extraordinaire Kevin Rojas Veliz's own financial struggles, the saga of the tear-hunters was unavoidably delayed. Yet, drawing this piece reminded me of just how much I loved this story and how I'd like to see it through to the end.'' Thus, Kevin came up with an idea to set up a Patreon for Divinity, which you can find in the following link: In short, I still desperately want to keep Divinity alive; but I can't overlook other ongoing projects and long overdue paid commissions still in the works. I will make the time however I can to get saga up and running again, but any contribution would ensure its completion, which is always appreciated and most likely reduce the waiting times between updates dramatically or even down to zero. As usual, I thank you deeply for paying attention to all my creations and supporting me even when I can be horribly (and unjustifiable) late in delivering some of the paid work I've been commissioned so long ago. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy this new artwork featuring our lovely villainess, Lisette Soleil. Nic.-
  • Gobbo

    Sweet… does this mean, new episodes comeing soon?

  • Gobbo

    As soon as my wife gets a new job, I will jump in on the Patreon campaign. I just need to be sure we have a second income.