One Year Of Divinity !


Author's note

As promised we said we had a little extra for you this week and here it is in the form of a gorgeous pin-up. I consider it also our official celebaration of our one year existence on the web. What more do we have planned for Divinity ? Well , as soon as our situation permits it , we will go back to our bi-weekly schedule. What I can spoil already are just words : Egypt , development , discovery and of course , despair. I'm glad you people enjoyed our first year and we'll continue to strife for the best possible experience for you , dare I say it ? For you fans ! ~~ Kevin Rojas Veliz~~ ps : Tell us what you enjoyed thus far from our first year :) ! We love feedback !
  • Gobbo

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Gillsing

    What I’ve enjoyed from your first year: The fancy clothes, the details and the colours. The brutal villainy, free agent adventuring and magical powers.

    Thanks for a great year! :-)