Robert Maddock

Age : 21

Birthplace : Newport , Wales – UK

Day Of Birth : January 22th 1901

Bio :

There were two things that shaped Robert’s life in more ways than he could’ve imagined. One was the immigration of his family from Newport to New York when he was seven years old . And the other event left a hole within Robert that he’s still trying to fill up , namely the deaths of his parents during the sinking of the Lusitiana in 1915. Robert , still in his adolescence  , was being taking care of by his uncle Delwyn . Still trying to cope with the death of his parents but cursed with adolescent naivety and lacking all the judgmental abilities of his adult guardian , Robert ran away back to his old home when he turned seventeen . He’s now been wandering since 1918 , finding a place for himself and his grief in this greed filled world.

Lisette Soleil


Age : 27

Birthplace : Montpellier – France

Day Of Birth : July 27th 1895

Bio :

Lisette is the progeny of a very unlikely combination. Born into a wealthy family with several trading prospects in French
Guiana ; Senegal ,Mauritania and French Algiers. It was during a standard inspection journey to Algiers that Lisette’s mother , Estelle Soleil met
Sergent Chef Rolande El Maleh , a French born Morrocan officer from the French Foreign Legion.

Estelle broke all social barriers during that time when she gave into passion with the Sergent Chef.
When Estelle returned to France , Rolande was killed in the line of duty , leaving Lisette without a father. When Lisette turned 8 , the soleil residence was visited upon by a man called Alphonse who knew Rolande from the French Foreign legion  . He declared he came with the  promise of safeguarding Lisette , as per Rolande’s last request. Having her mother teach the ways of the modern world while being taught the harsher and more iniquitous side of the world by Alphonse who became her personal caretaker , Lisette grew up to be the current powerful head of the Soleil family.


Vincent Van Rooy










Age : 26

Birthplace :  Utrecht – The Netherlands

Day Of Birth : March 17th 1896

Bio :

Possessing the same love and passion for history as his father and grandfather, Vincent quickly distinguished himself as an expert on Egyptology. Due to a sudden booming interest in Egypt by fellow explorers of history it didn’t take long for Vincent to go on an excavation himself. It was during one of these excavations that Vincent came in contact with his first Tear. This initial contact sparked the beginning of the long and arduous journey awaiting Vincent. Being hunted does not deter Vincent to search for the truth about the Tears , their origins and the true aim of his hunters.